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RSPCF - Royal Society for Promotion of Cruelty to Fivey

Bondage... check. Fangirls...check

The Doctor? Hang on a sec, I'll get my handcuffs...


Sad people come together to discuss that which they would not dare discuss anywhere but on the internet: WhoBondage!

November 26th, 2006


(That's the Royal Society for the Promotion of Torture to Fivey...)

A fanvid I spent the early hours of this morning making since I was being kept awake by next door having a party anyway. I scoured many episodes to find only the best in Fivey falling over, being tortured, locked up and generally menaced by people. You can either view it from an "aww, poor Fivey..." viewpoint or the "yay, torture/bondage/fainting is so canon!" side of things. It works both ways!

Somebody Hates Fivey


X-posted all over the place, sorry!

November 25th, 2006

we need to

pd wotd
liven this community up a little.

I've posted some of my fic over at teaspoon.

I love my bondage icon.

My nano novel is really Five! Bondage and Five! Pain driven, though all Tegan and Turlough get their moments to be injured and squeak in pain...
When i get a beta and its all beta-fyed, i'll put it up at teaspoon too...

Thats all, just wanted to liven things up.

Discussion: What's your favourite Five!Pain episode / novel excerpt / fanfic / whatever?

September 24th, 2006

Third Episode

Opinions people...

Isn't it true that bondage = third episode? Take for instance Visitation...nice old...somewhat rusty handcuffs slapped on in the third episode. Caves...again...bondage in the third. Arc of Infinity...bondage in the third, I believe.

August 9th, 2006

Title: Resurrection of the Daleks duplication scene
Author: JenL25
Pairing: none, just 5th Doctor
Rating:  same as the episode?
Spoilers: nowt that I know of
Summary: Well this is something I wrote 7 or 8 years ago, when i wanted desperately for there to be an Uncle Tewwy novelsation of the episode Resurrection of the Daleks, a fav of mine, not for its plot (!) or acting, but for a little fifth doc torture, I lub me some of that.

So i did it myself. As I'd want to see it written in a book.  I've cleaned it up today, fixed punctuation and most spelling errors [i hope] and fixed some of the english, now that I live in england and speak english english [for the most part, with a few yankisms thrown in for good measure]...

This is my first fic post to a comm on LJ, so please have mercy on me. Constructive criticism welcome. (x-posted to Davison_era community too, last night befor i went to bed)

Have mercy on me, please ;) I think i goofed the tags up, sorry mods.

August 8th, 2006

So i was dusting off some old fanfic i wrote, 7 - 8 years ago. I've always been a diehard 5th doctor fan, so it is all 5th doc fiction i'd written.

And i spotted something I'd written because a Target novelisation of the episode Resurrection of the Daleks didnt exist for some bizarre reason.

All i did was document the duplication scene[s]. The way I'd want to read them in a novel. Not the entire episode or the fluff going on around it, but just the brain-drain sequence itself.

Anyone wanna read it? I guess it is kindof bondage-y...

May 17th, 2006

No, seriously. Does it count? I don't know how many of you have seen AoI recently, but there are multiple bits of the Doctor suspended in this sort of extra-dimensional prison energy web. Sprawled helplessly on his back, too. So is that bondage? I wish I knew how to post pics on lj or I'd show you. I suppose you need a paid account.

He also spends a lot of time being pushed around by Colin Baker. I first saw AoI before I'd seen the Sixth Doctor, but watching it now I'm adding my own thought ballons like 'shoot him and it would be my job!'

May 14th, 2006

Welcome to the dungeon!

Please be careful at all times not to slip in saliva or trip over a lolling tongue. In the interest of public safety, this community is friends only, lest we be sued for damages or injury sustained whilst in the vicinity of a squeeing fanperson. Also, it saves us being embarassed by judgemental non-members who may happen to be wandering through. To this end, all posts are automatically friends-locked. Anyone can join, however, so if you're interested simply join the community and post away.

Tagging posts is not mandatory, but it is recommended, as it helps people find what they're looking for. You may tag in any way you wish, but some suggested tags are listed in the tags index.

Enjoy the classic WhoBondage! Ah, isn't it so nice to be able to say that?
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