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RSPCF - Royal Society for Promotion of Cruelty to Fivey

Bondage... check. Fangirls...check

The Doctor? Hang on a sec, I'll get my handcuffs..
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This is a community for fans of the fifth Doctor: more specifically Injured!Doctor, DarkAngsty!Doctor, TiedUpInDungeonOrSimilar!Doctor, Tortured!Doctor and the like.

Also, being the friendly types we are, we won't mind if a bit of "you can reverse my polarity, rawr!", "that scarf turns my knees to jelly, baby" (get it, jelly baby? Ah, our talents are wasted...) or similar sneaks in. We won't discriminate... we just like Five. We would generally like to stick to classic Who though. Don't get us wrong, we like the new Doctors too... but there's enough squeeing about them to sink a TARDIS. We're goin' retro, baby!

We can write stories, do role-playing (games! Yes, we know what you were thinking...), create images, just generally squee and all manner of other things.

So come and join us. Yes, we are warped. Yes, we are weird. But we're proud of it!

One last thing though: Do try to keep it fairly clean. We're not running a porn community - this is innocent stuff. If you must say something dirty, hide it behind a cut and give a warning, okay?

Your sad, sad maintainers,
my_llama_girl and steph_emu.

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