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RSPCF - Royal Society for Promotion of Cruelty to Fivey

Felicitations! (See, that's funny because the other maintainer's name is... ah, never mind. :P)

The Doctor? Hang on a sec, I'll get my handcuffs...


Sad people come together to discuss that which they would not dare discuss anywhere but on the internet: WhoBondage!

Felicitations! (See, that's funny because the other maintainer's name is... ah, never mind. :P)

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Coward (RD)
Welcome to the dungeon!

Please be careful at all times not to slip in saliva or trip over a lolling tongue. In the interest of public safety, this community is friends only, lest we be sued for damages or injury sustained whilst in the vicinity of a squeeing fanperson. Also, it saves us being embarassed by judgemental non-members who may happen to be wandering through. To this end, all posts are automatically friends-locked. Anyone can join, however, so if you're interested simply join the community and post away.

Tagging posts is not mandatory, but it is recommended, as it helps people find what they're looking for. You may tag in any way you wish, but some suggested tags are listed in the tags index.

Enjoy the classic WhoBondage! Ah, isn't it so nice to be able to say that?
  • Yes indeed my name is Felicity...

    Welcome one and all. I am the other half of the moderatorship.

    Don't feel shy to approach steph_emu or myself with questions, praise, accusations or whatever (though the first two are appreciated more than the third)
  • can i join?

    i'm interested in seeing what you guys have to offer in the way of letting me get my ficcynes out lol.

    i don't have much of a writing sample though :(
    • Re: can i join?

      Absolutely! Just click on the join community link, on the info page, and you're in! This community's a bit quiet at the moment - it doesn't really seem to have gotten off the ground yet - but we do have members hanging around in the shadows, so I'm sure you could help us coax them out. Your contribution to the community would be most welcome. :)
      • Re: can i join?

        sweet thanks.

        i just wrote my first nine/jack/rose thing tonight and i'm just super excited. it needs to be grammer checked like whoa though lol. sleepless+tired=no puncuation marks lol.
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