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RSPCF - Royal Society for Promotion of Cruelty to Fivey


The Doctor? Hang on a sec, I'll get my handcuffs...


Sad people come together to discuss that which they would not dare discuss anywhere but on the internet: WhoBondage!


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(That's the Royal Society for the Promotion of Torture to Fivey...)

A fanvid I spent the early hours of this morning making since I was being kept awake by next door having a party anyway. I scoured many episodes to find only the best in Fivey falling over, being tortured, locked up and generally menaced by people. You can either view it from an "aww, poor Fivey..." viewpoint or the "yay, torture/bondage/fainting is so canon!" side of things. It works both ways!

Somebody Hates Fivey


X-posted all over the place, sorry!
  • Thought i'd reply here, to keep this comm up on my f-list. I love this comm, the reason behind it. Just been VERY BUSY lately.

    And i posted stuff to davison era, forgetting conmpletely that it might be enjoyed by the peeps here, DUH.

    ACK, youtube tells me the vid is inaccessible. *pout*
    • I love this comm, the reason behind it.

      Phew, I'm glad sombody does! Since the initial excitement of making this community (well, we just couldn't resist having a go, could we?), it's occurred to its creators (or gods, if you'd prefer ;) ) - i.e. my_llama_girl and I - that it may be rather superfluous, given that most of the members are from davison_era, a community which is probably equally interested in Fivey torture anyway. Nevertheless, we're all having our fun, aren't we? If nothing else, it allows me to wander around in the knowledge that I'm a community maintainer. :P
      • Oh yes, i love my fivey-torture.

        I'd say that davison_era is more aimed at the general era, the spinoff media, and stuff, and icons and etc.

        I should be posting here a LOT more often, sicne i like the Davison era of Who for its stories, but LOVE torturing Fivey. Mmm oh yes.

        Speaking of which, i just listened to him on the stappado in Church and the Crown.. Exquisite. Mmmmm :)
        • Its very nice isn't it...
          • Better than i expected - it sounds agonising.

            Now if i could WATCH IT, i'd be in heaven.
            • Ohhhh...I think that would be very nice...very nice indeed...

              *makes plans for some good Fivey!Torture in one of her rps she plays him in...*
              • Oooh, make sure you send me a link. !!
                • Shall do. When/if it happens...so far the worst that's happened to him is his awkwardness at falling in love with one of the characters...and finding out that she's the Rani in disguise...

                  Must have worse happen to him...
                  • Much worse!!

                    Hmm. the sounds (BF Audios, mind) of breaking legs and ripping arms from their sockets was good, as is an electrocution (Spare Parts). And ANY body scan seems to hurt, a lot, as do mind scans, so you've got quite a bit to play with in terms of off-screen torture ideas...
    • It took that long to load up? Silly youtube. It should only take a few minutes...
  • That needs an ikon, Royal Society for the Promotion of Torturing Fivey. I'd use it, even if it was my only ikon made by someone else.

    Or shall i nip off to the gimp and whip one up real quick?
    • What a good idea! I think you should do that, and anyone else who wants to can have a go as well (just 'cause I can't resist having a stab too), and... well, we'll have purrdy icons. XD
    • Nuffin like a little PD abuse. Mmmm.
    • RSPTF icons for all!

      *may make one later*
  • That was lots and lots of fun! thanks for posting!
  • Hehehe, that's so funny. Poor Doctor. In another fandom, we call this sort of thing 'whumping', and I'm so addicted to it. I made a DVD with only the angst/hurt/torure bits from the various Fifth Doctor serials. It's remarkably entertaining viewing material, but this vid is way better. Good song for it, too. Can I be a member of the Royal Society, pretty please? :-)
    • Daniel-whumping anyone? Oh yes, I have a little stock of Daniel Jackson- centric fic i wrote, 8 or 9 years ago, where i abused him mercilessly.

      Of course the show changed dramatically, and my fic turned to Who, and then i didnt write any fic for years due to ill health.

      But yes, Fivey-whumping is a good thing. Mmm. :)
  • Great vid :)
  • Woo! Fivey abuse to the max! Well done, the society is proud of you (I'm making myself a member immediately; hope you don't mind :P ).
    • Well I think you guys should run it! It could just be an alternative name for this com really, and the gathering of crazed fangirls it attracts... ;)
      • I like it, I like it! I think I may have to make up a new community banner with it included. :D
  • Ok i've seen it.


    Well done :)
  • *sends love to the vid.*

    -my_llama_girl who is once again too lazy to sign out of her pup's account.
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