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Resurrection of the Daleks scene thingy

The Doctor? Hang on a sec, I'll get my handcuffs...


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Resurrection of the Daleks scene thingy

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Title: Resurrection of the Daleks duplication scene
Author: JenL25
Pairing: none, just 5th Doctor
Rating:  same as the episode?
Spoilers: nowt that I know of
Summary: Well this is something I wrote 7 or 8 years ago, when i wanted desperately for there to be an Uncle Tewwy novelsation of the episode Resurrection of the Daleks, a fav of mine, not for its plot (!) or acting, but for a little fifth doc torture, I lub me some of that.

So i did it myself. As I'd want to see it written in a book.  I've cleaned it up today, fixed punctuation and most spelling errors [i hope] and fixed some of the english, now that I live in england and speak english english [for the most part, with a few yankisms thrown in for good measure]...

This is my first fic post to a comm on LJ, so please have mercy on me. Constructive criticism welcome. (x-posted to Davison_era community too, last night befor i went to bed)

The Doctor was on board the Dalek ship. Traveling with Stien, he'd brought the TARDIS aboard, looking for Turlough and the other end of the Time Corridor. He'd been caught, betrayed by Stien, whom he had met on Earth, in a warehouse. Stien had stopped stuttering, his cowardice and trepidation replaced by a boldness that seemed to come from the Dalek ship itself, somehow. The Daleks arrived, wanting to kill the Time Lord outright, but Litton told them that he had to be duplicated first.

He had been led to the duplication chamber, and forced to lie down. Hed also managed to make Stien tell him that Davros was in fact around and about, somewhere on board the ship, freed from his 90 year prison in stasis on board the space station by Litton himself. Two Daleks and two guards stood by the table, while the Doctor was bound to a flat table and connected to the duplication machinery by Stien.

'What will you do with my duplicate?' the Doctor asked, concerned.

'That does not concern you,' Stien replied, as he attached a disc electrode to the Doctor's right temple, as the rest looked on. The Time Lord lay perfectly still, offering no resistance. He wasn't exactly afraid, but he wanted to play the situation out to find out all he could about what was really going on around him. He hadn't really thought far enough ahead to consider his own safety; his own arrogance was causing him not to take the Dalek threat seriously.

'Oh, I think it does,' the Doctor glibly countered. As an afterthought, he added, 'I've grown rather attached to myself.' His eyes twinkled with a sudden burst of black humour.

'You will remain silent,' the Dalek ordered.

He ignored it. His brief smile faded and seriousness took over, as he recounted the facts at hand. 'I see my brainwaves are destined for Davros. You must need his services very badly.'

'The Daleks are the superior being. We do not require assistance.' A Dalek replied to the Time Lord's pensive remark. If it'd had a face, it would have been metallic, with a razor tongue and steel teeth, and ice for eyes.

Sheer disbelief lined the Doctor's face. 'Superior?!' His voice hardened with mockery of the superiority of the Daleks. 'Took you long enough to ensnare the TARDIS in the Time Corridor.' He'd heard the Daleks' self confidence for too many centuries to take any of the machine's egotistical ranting seriously. They were like the Cybermen, so completely convinced of their own superiority, to the point that it would be their undoing.

'It was but one trap.'

'Hmm. But Stien was more effective. A living, thinking being, not some tin pot machine...'

Stien attached another electrode to the left side of the Doctor's brow, paying close attention to his task, as if the Doctor were part of his greatest masterpiece. Perhaps the Daleks struck the fear of Davros in his heart, terrifying him into such precision and detail, for fear of punishment. He'd said the Daleks were 'capable of devising painful and undignified ways of dying'; he undoubtedly believed it.

'Please, Doctor.' Stien felt a conflict brew within himself. He felt the urge to warn the Doctor, as a friend, not the antagonist, as he had tried to do before, but something was stopping him, something more than a nagging voice in his head.

'Stien is but an extension of Dalek technology.' The Dalek almost had arrogance in its monotonous voice, proud of its race's accomplishments, especially those of late.

The Doctor was truly puzzled by that statement. 'What?' He searched his mind for its possible meanings, and the impact they would have on his situation.

'He is a duplicate. He is a product of our genetic engineering.'

Stien brought over two more electrodes. He placed one on each side of the Doctor's neck, at the base of his jawbone, as that little bit of news sunk in the Doctor's mind.

'Are you all duplicates?' The Doctor asked, more quietly, directly to Stein.

'Yes.' Stien adjusted one of the electrodes, to make sure it was in the correct position.

The Doctor did not fight it, hoping to talk his way out of the entire situation later. Besides, the information he was getting at the moment was invaluable, and he did not want to jeopardise that, not just yet. 'Interesting. I wonder what happened to the real you.'


'Have the soldiers from the Warehouse been duplicated?'’ Pieces were starting to fit together in the Time Lords mind.


'It's very clever, would you care to tell me how it's done?'

'No,' was the abrupt reply. Stien was checking the electrodes, adjusting the one on the Doctor's left temple. The wires were tickling the Time Lord's chin.

'Mmnh. I thought not,' he replied, half in mockery, not really expecting either the Dalek or Stien to tell. 'And what about Tegan?''

'She is our prisoner.' Stein smirked, a gloating grin.

'Well, she's harmless, you must release her!' The Doctor felt adrenaline begin to surge through his veins. What happened to him was nowhere near as important as his companions' safety. He had to do something to help her; she was his responsibility as much as any of the other people involved, even moreso because she travelled with him.

The Dalek suddenly turned to Stien, who stood behind the Doctor's table. 'Show him.'

Stien picked up a remote control and clicked it. A panel in the back wall opened, revealing an already duplicated body of Tegan. The Doctor craned his neck to see, almost afraid of what would be shown to him. Another click and a panel opened under that one, revealing a copy of Turlough. They lay in the wall, waiting to be given their programming, and activated. Presumably the originals would then be disposed of, so the copies could move about freely, to carry out whatever the Daleks saw fit to instruct them to do.

'Why?' The Doctor began panicking, his stomach churning, his chest heaving as he frantically tried to understand what was really going on. Suddenly his voice lost its boyish haughtiness and took on a tone of genuine fear.

'The Doctor without his companions would be rather incongruous...'…’ Stien gloated with arrogance, smirking as he answered the Time Lord.

'Why are you doing this?'

The Dalek chose to answer, telling all in a display of its superiority. 'Your duplicates will return to Gallifrey, and, at our command, you will assassinate the High Council!'

'NO!' The Doctor shouted, defiantly and with considerable shock. The Daleks wanted everything: control of Earth, Gallifrey, all of his memories and experiences, the Movellan virus destroyed, and Davros dead once they no longer had a use for him. They could never possibly pull it all off! At least he hoped they couldn't. Rassilon help them all if the Daleks succeeded.


'He's ready.' Stien had checked the Time Lord's bindings, making sure he was immobilised on the table.

The Dalek waved its eyestalk at Stien. 'The prisoner is secured. You must proceed alone. We have been summoned to other duties.'

Feeling indignant at his present predicament, the Doctor piped in, 'Not staying 'til the bitter end? How disappointing.' He turned his head to face them and glowered at the Dalek.

Stien hovered over him, with no feelings on his face but the Daleks' own arrogance.

The Dalek rounded on him. 'When it is time to die, you will, in your agony, beg to pay homage to the Daleks.' It turned to the two guards. 'You will wait outside.'

The guards and the Daleks left the duplication chamber. Only Stien and the Doctor remained.

Exasperatedly, he sighed, looking away from the doors. 'Why do they take themselves so seriously?' The Time Lord wanted to know where Stien stood without the Daleks behind him with weapons armed, so he began to prod, a little.

'I warned you not to provoke them. You only make it worse for yourself.'

Anger flashed on the Doctor's face and his voice hardened. 'Get on with it. I can do without your pity.'

'Do you think I do this because I enjo - Do you think I do this out of ch- ch- ch- choice?' Stien suddenly snapped. His entire demeanor changed from resolute to confused. 'D- d- do I have a choice?'

The Time Lord had craned his neck, eyeballing Stien as he walked to the duplication controls in confusion. He was stuttering again, just as he had on Earth, ergo, the duplicates were unstable. The Doctor wondered if the Daleks were aware of it.

'I have no choice.' Stien finally resolved. The Daleks mind control must have kicked in again. He looked down, examining the controls in duress.

The Doctor gaped.


'Are you ready?' Stien was preparing to switch on the duplication machinery, to drain the Doctor's mind of all knowledge and memories, in order that the duplicate be completely identical to the Doctor.

'You've asked it as though I have a choice.' The Doctor played on Stien's earlier confusion, trying to get himself freed and spare him the Daleks once again getting their metallic plungers on his memories.

'Everyone has a choice. Its in the c- c- constitution, 25th amendment. Or is it the 26th?' Stien answered. Then he suddenly snapped, 'Didn't you go to school?'

'I must have played truant that day. Or maybe we didn't go to the same school. Which school did you go to?' The Doctor spoke rapidly, trying to revive Stiens old self, as he had been before the Dalek programming had been inflicted upon him. As he had been in the Warehouse on Earth, when the Doctor first met him.

'I c- c- can't remember?!' His face was lined with confusion. Where had his past gotten off to? Why couldn't he remember where he'd gone to school?

'But you remember one of the amendments! What was the first? Its very important I know. Its very important you remember too! Think man! Search the area of your mind the Daleks have shut off. Resist! Before its too late.'

Stien's voice suddenly went monotone once again. 'I must c- c-cont-t-tinue.'

'Resist!' The Time Lord shouted, in fear. What was duplication like? It couldn't be comfortable, especially if he fought it. Which he had to do. Hed betrayed the galaxy to Davros once before, in the past. The threat of Harry and Sarah being tortured if he didn't tell all was too great. And now Davros wanted not only everything he knew on the Daleks, but everything he'd learned and experienced in 5 lifetimes. He simply could not allow that to happen, for the sake of every living thing in the universe!

'I must continue.' Stien switched on the duplication machinery, controlled once again by the Daleks.

The Doctor's body stiffened with the instant pain, a cry escaping his lungs, as his recent memory was ripped from his brain through the electrodes on his head. Tegan, Turlough, Nyssa, Adric, Romana, K-9. All gone. He fought desperately to keep hold on it, but the machines were too strong. It was like having his insides pulled out through four drinking straws, into Davros' gaping, ravenous maw.


The Doctor was straining, muttering through clenched teeth as Stien programmed the recorder to take down the Doctor's memory.

'Relax, Doctor. Don't fight it. You'll only cause yourself p-pain. I...' Some of the real Stein, the compassionate human Stein, started to show through again. ' I k-know how you f-feel. The pain will pass, you must relax.'

The Doctor's mind was being taken from him as he desperately tried to hold onto it. The more he fought it, the more the pain increased, and the stronger it got. 'Quickly, recite the amendments, remember your past!' He was desperate, panting with the exertion.

'I must do my duty.' Stien stood firm at the controls, watching the Doctors past regenerations and scenes of his companions on the monitor, as they were stripped from the Time Lords mind and recorded on a sort of reel to reel tape.

'You must resist! You're destroying my mind!' His face was set with strain, his jaws clenched, as he struggled to keep conscious, to keep fighting it. He knew that if he lost consciousness, he could not prevent what was happening to him. And he wasn't certain he would ever wake up again.


The pain built slowly, agonisingly. It was a long, drawn out process, since he had had four previous lives to go through. Most men only had one life to relive; he had five thus far. Harry, Sarah Jane, Liz Shaw, the Brigadier... He was crying out in pain, head thrown back on the table. The devilish machine got stronger the longer it was activated. Zoe, Jamie... Ian, Barbara, Susan...It was nearly overwhelming him.

The dilemma was building in Stien, realising the sheer evilness of what he was doing. As he watched the Doctor cry out in pain, he felt the Dalek control slipping from him.

The Doctor finally let out one final scream of pain, a last shout of defiance, as his mind was nearly emptied of his past, and his last ounce of resolve gone. He couldn't fight it any more.

Stien's internal war was finally won, for the time being. 'I can't stand the confusion in my mind!!' He stomped, hunched over with his fists clenched to his head, to the controls of the machinery and shut them off, just before the drainage of the Doctor's mind was complete.

Five lives' worth of experiences were thrown back into the Time Lord's mind with a deafening slam. It nearly caused him to lose consciousness. After a wimper, he hoarsely managed, 'Quickly, release me.' .

'What about the guards?' Stien released the Time Lord's bonds, freeing him.

'We'll call them in here.' The Doctor pulled the electrodes off his face and cast them disgustedly aside. He stood, shakily.


Have mercy on me, please ;) I think i goofed the tags up, sorry mods.
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